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History & Background

our-history-background_041The profile of MECO can best be described with the stages listed below that the organization has undergone during the last one and a half decades of existence as shown below.
2000: The MECO was founded in response to severe drought that killed many livestock in maasai community and began mobilizing resources to provide water and sanitation to the Maasai pastoral community of Kajiado district.
2001: MECO was registered as a community based organization. MECO opened its head office in Isinya. Its participation in development became more formalized and the HIV/AIDS awareness interventions also increased in reach across the district. Partnerships were sought from the relevant district level line ministries as well as international partners and donors.
2003: MECO put in place community empowerment processes which addressed district-wide negative cultural practices and the technical aspects of HIV/AIDS. A ripple effect was attained through community knowledge on prevention, treatment, care and support, and impact mitigation of diseases like HIV and AIDS, malaria, and water-borne diseases, especially in the remote hard to reach areas.
2004 – 2013: MECO intensified its interventions to include a broad spectrum of development needs of the target areas. These include; water supply, health, food security, economic empowerment as well as provision of OVC and family care and support among the HIV/AIDS affected and infected households.

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